6 Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day

By Janis Kupferer

It is National Friendship Day! (yep, there is actually a special holiday just to celebrate your friendships!) And what a great idea this holiday is, to take one day each year to honor and appreciate all the wonderful friends in your life.

Need a few ideas on how to celebrate this event? Well, we’ve got a few easy suggestions below:

1. Like them on Facebook
Facebook is an easy way to keep in touch with friends, old and new. If you haven’t reached out to a particular friend in a while, today is a great day to do so. Let your friends know you are thinking about them by posting a comment on their wall, or by liking their photo. And while you are on the site, how about searching out a few more friends to add to your list of friends.

Honestly, there isn’t an easier way to say, “hello” and “I’m thinking of you” than with a quick click of the “like” button!

2. Text them!
Figure your friends are so great that they deserve more than a one-click notice? Then take a minute to send a text to your buddies. An easy “Hey, Hello or Hi!” does the trick, and really doesn’t take more than a minute to do. And for the super efficient, you can just send one big group hello via text. The added bonus is that your phone will beep for the next few hours as everyone joins the celebration and sends greetings of their own!

3. Call them!
Okay, you did some “liking” and even sent a few texts, but there are definitely a couple of friends who deserve an even more personal remembrance on this special day. So pick up the phone and call your besties to tell them just how fortunate you feel to have them on speed dial.

Nothing makes for a better day than receiving a call from someone just to tell you how special you are. And nothing cements the bonds of friendship more than giving and receiving acknowledgement as to your unique place in a friend’s life.

So dial the digits and send the love. Chances are pretty good that you’ll get a little friendship love back in return.

4. Take them to Dinner
Got an opening on your calendar tonight – terrific! Use that time to have dinner with your friends.

Study after study shows that making an investment in your friendships reaps incredible rewards in terms of both physical and mental health. Specifically, those who cultivate and maintain friendships enjoy longer lives, less stress, and greater self-confidence. (One study even found that people who make friendships a priority are actually skinnier because of the support and encouragement that our friends provide.)

So do your mind, body and spirit a favor, and take your friend to dinner.

5. Introduce your friends!
We already know how much you appreciate the wonderful people you have in your life. And, we just learned how positive friendships are for your overall health and well-being.  So … it only makes sense that you should increase those powerful benefits by spreading the wealth and introducing your friends to each other.

You love your friend Maria because she is a wonderful (and generous) cook, and all around great-gal. And, you know that Maria wants to learn yoga, but is a bit intimidated to go to her first class. You aren’t the yoga kind of gal, but your other friend Kathy is. What are you waiting for … introduce them already!

Chances are pretty darn good that if they are both your friends, then they’ll like each other too. And honestly, there just isn’t a better, more meaningful gift than the gift of friendship.

So be a generous friend and help your friends increase their own social circle.

6. Make a new friend
Obviously, a national celebration of friendship might spark a bit of introspection at the list of folks on our own list. Or perhaps, that our list is a bit shorter than we’d like.

Hey, there are lots and lots of reasons why we might find ourselves light on the friendship list, things like:

·      Moving to a new town
·      Retiring
·      Changing marital status (funny what getting a divorce or getting married can do to our friendships)
·      Graduating from college

Please don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you don’t have a ton of friends right now. The reason most certainly has to do with a life situation and nothing to do with you personally (and don’t let anyone tell you the opposite!)

Instead, use today to inspire yourself to get out there and make some new friends. Just like you can use a dating site to find a new romantic partner, there are “friendship” sites designed specifically to help you find a new platonic friendship, or several.

This is exactly why we created SocialJane.com – a women’s only friendship networking site, to help gals find new gal friends. So join, search, and reach out to a few members who seem like good friendship matches for you. It will probably be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself.

Here is wishing you a very merry and happy National Friendship Day, and a whole life filled with great and long-lasting f

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