My Visit to Rose the Psychic

By Janis Kupferer

There are tools that can help you kick-start a new career, plant a new desire, or find some new friends. They might be a psychic, a book, or a website, but they get you thinking, and supposing, and then planning for your future.

I admit it; I’m impatient. I want my line in the grocery checkout to be the quickest, and I want the car in front of me—in fact, all of the cars in front of me—to go faster. My need for speed isn’t confined to lanes of the traffic and grocery variety, it also travels into the information highway.

And this is why I made an appointment with Rose, the psychic who gained fame counseling Kim Zolciak Bieramann from the Real Housewives of Atlanta show on Bravo TV.

Essentially, I want to know.
I want to know if I am going down the right path.
I want to know if I am ever going to fall in love again (I’m already in love with my dog, so I’m all set there).
I want to know if the house I’ve been stalking for over a year now will ever really become mine legally, title and taxes and all.

And I want to know all of this stuff, right now, immediately, on my schedule. Thanks to a cancellation and my flexible schedule (I work from home), I was able to move to the express lane in terms of psychic advice and information.

So off I went to see Rose.

First let me say, “Golly, what a sweet woman Rose is.” No pretense, no judgment, she’s just there to read your palms and cards and tell you a thing or two about yourself. And she does so with scary accuracy (How the heck did she know about that?).

No, I’m not going to tell you what I learned about myself from Rose. In the scheme of your world, it simply isn’t important (trust me, it isn’t).

Psychic Jump-starter:
But I will tell you this, having your palm read (or your tarot cards, or reading your horoscope for that matter), isn’t so much about receiving information about yourself from the universe, or a pile of cards, or someone who has never met you before. It is about allowing yourself to open up to the potential for a new perspective, a new insight that you might not have otherwise considered, or simply a new way to look at and handle your current situation.

For example, let’s say that Rose told a client that she saw a new faucet of their career opening up for them. Well, whether you “believe” in psychic ability or not, when you hear this your mind starts churning with all sorts of possibilities: Will I change jobs, will I change professions, will I write a book, or will I finally admit that my cleanliness fetish is actually the start of a new career as a professional organizer crying out to be heard? Who knows?

The point is that when you hear there is a new potential for you, it gets you thinking, planning, and supposing, and could very well be that thing that gets you to begin writing that first chapter, scanning the job boards, or at least organizing your pantry.

It is a tool, and a jump-starter.

Friendship Kick-starter:
And that’s why I’d like to introduce you to the concept of friendship networking or making new friends online via websites designed to help you find new friends; sites like Once you learn that these types of websites or services exist, it gets you thinking. is a tool, a kick-starter, a vehicle that helps you on a path to new and more friendships. If you’ve ever said to yourself, “Gosh, I could use some more friends,” or “I’d really like to find someone who also enjoys … antiquing, traveling, working out, dining out, or playing poker” then is here for you.

Although Rose can’t promise me that I’ll win the lottery (of course I asked her), she does provide a tool that allows me to access my own dreams and desires, and perhaps take a longer look at what I really want in my life and what is possible.

The same is true for The site doesn’t promise that you’ll find a lifelong, best friend, but it does provide access to a community of women, all searching for new friendships, where you may be able to find that person.

No psychic or book or website can make our dreams come true, we do this for ourselves. But psychics and books and websites can help us to think about, plan for, and set us on a path toward our wants and desires. They are the tools and the kick-starters, and that is where their value lies.

Note: Rose asked that I not publish her contact information, so I won’t, nor will I provide it to those who ask (I’m sorry). I found her through a little internet sleuthing, so I know that you can as well.


  1. What is her contact information? I'm interested to meet, talk to her. Thank you.

  2. What is Rose's contact information? Would love to contact her for a reading!! Thank you.

  3. Everyone says she a great psychic but not one person can leave a freakin contact number. We want insight too!

  4. Hi all - would love to provide Rose's information, but she has asked me not to as she is 81 and not looking to take on new clients. Rest assured if this changes, I certainly will share.

  5. :( I've been searching everywhere! the great ones would be hard to find

  6. She did an amazing job for Kim. I still remember that reading.

  7. What's the point is wrighting all of that for nothing

    1. I agree. She revealed nothing and won't help me get in touch with Rose. I feel like this was click bait

  8. She wasnt doing all this WRITING for nothing. She shared her experience while repecting Roses privacy. She doesnt want new clients, thats fine there are lots of other people with the ability to read palms. Your only obsessed with this one because you saw her on tv with Kim. Says alot about you right there, didnt need to read your palm and saved you some money.....your welcome


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