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Janis Kupferer

Janis is the owner and founder of She loves to tell the story of how came to be, and research the latest and greatest perspectives on friendships, especially women’s friendships. She graduated from the University of Florida with an MBA, and from George Mason University with a BA in Journalism. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA with her Bernese mountain dog, Walter.

Kate Kupferer 

Kate graduated from the University of Virginia with both a BA and MA in English. She has written for National Geographic World, Garden Design, Landscape Architecture Magazine, Log Home Living, Timber Frame Homes and many other publications. Kate’s passions include hiking, gardening and traveling with her family. She considers herself very lucky to call Boulder, Colorado, home.

Kate Bradley

Kate is a professional writer/editor and Ph.D. candidate at a university in Atlanta. She has visited every continent except Antarctica and even lived on a few. A lover of all things international, Kate's favorite place on Earth is Kiev, Ukraine and she is engaged to a Brazilian. She speaks decent German and Spanish and can read the Cyrillic alphabet. When she's not writing or studying, she's reading about conflict in the Middle East, browsing Pinterest or shamelessly spoiling her two adorable bunnies, Russell and Jane.

Rori Boyce

Rori is a freelance writer and life coach who is infinitely interested in understanding people, their relationships to each other, and how they interact with the greater world around them.  She has travelled the world and now lives atop a mountain in central NH with her husband, two teenage boys, and two cats.  She is passionate about sustainability, preparedness, and ADHD awareness.  She is an avid gardener, reader, crafter, and plays a mean game of fuseball.

Leah Campbell

Leah is that socially awkward girl straight out of a romantic comedy who at 30 plus years still hasn’t figured out how to get the guy and convince him to stay. But despite a long history of choosing the wrong men, she has always managed to somehow surround herself with the right friends. In fact, she considers forging quality friendships to be her superpower, and she is thankful every day for the amazing women who are always there to hold her up and cheer her on. A single mother by choice after a serendipitous series of events led to the adoption of her daughter, Leah is also author of the book Single Infertile Female. Also find Leah on Facebook.

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